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Game Wizard (G-Wiz)

Game Wizard (a.k.a G-Wiz) is a new tool for designing and playing text adventure and role-playing games. The three key words of G-Wiz are simplicity, power, and flexibility. The scripting language used to design the games is exceptionally simple and easy to learn, allowing great games to be written in short spaces of time.

G-Wiz games can make use of text, sound, graphics, video, and audio. A myriad of options means that games can be customised right down to the smallest detail, and the design tool will have wizards to transform complex tasks into simple ones!

The structure of the scripting language is a combination of BASIC and INI configuration files. Code is divided into sections, and each line is numbered.

G-Wiz's features include video & audio support, 3 different types of inventory (standard, weapons, and spells), image support, conversations with game characters, upto 600 locations per game, up to 600 characters per game, full range of commands from inventory manipulation to attacking characters.

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